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to the More Abundant Life blog!  I’m so excited that you are here.  I have been a born again believer in Jesus Christ since I was a teenager.  However, a couple of years ago, I had the revelation that I was living beneath my privilege as a Christian because I had blocks when it came to the promises of God.  I decided that I want the life that God has for me.  I started this blog to explore, share, and learn with others about the promises of God.

A little about me.  I am also a wife and mother and in my professional life I am a counselor and trainer.  In my role as a trainer, I get to design workshops (which I love with mango fruit passion).  One of my favorite get-to-know-you exercises is called the 5 C’s.   The C’s stand for the following favorites :

  • Character
  • Color
  • Cuisine
  • Car
  • Closet dream

In the ice breaker, people list their answers and then share among the group.  Once, people explain their answers you know a little about them and everyone feels more connected.   So, I thought that I would share my own 5 C’s

Character.  I usually ask people to list any character that they would like to invite to lunch and it can be anyone real or imagined; living  or dead.   My answer is my grandmother, who transitioned to heaven over 10 years ago.   I would show her my children, because she didn’t get to meet them.  I know that she would be surprised that I have three kids and would say, “Oh, Nikki, those are some fine babies.”    Rich relationships are the core of an abundant life and in this blog we will discuss how to keep and maintain them.

Color.   Red is my favorite color because I look good in it.  I bet you were expecting me to write something deep about the blood of Jesus and I will at a later time.   However, I do like that red is an energy color and represents life. The More Abundant Life will explore different areas of lifestyle, such as minimalism and parenting.

Cuisine.  What is life without good food?  We have to talk about food and health!  My favorite food depends on the day of the week, but at the writing of this post I’m craving Italian.  Here we explore making good food and making  good food choices.

Car.  My favorite kind of car is one that is paid off.  So, how can you talk about abundance without discussing money?      Everyone has a relationship with money.   Hopefully, you are on speaking terms with yours, but we will explore what the Bible has to say about money.

Closet Dreams.    Your closet dream is about the thing that you wish that you could do.  The thing that you would do if you were granted three wishes.  In groups, I am always surprised at the number of people who have achievable closet dreams.  For instance, they will say to open a business, travel, or perform.  My closet dream answer usually centers around writing.  While I am a published poet and fiction writer, I always want more writing in my life. So, this blog is a part of my closet dream.  The Scripture says that the young will have dreams and the old will have visions, and what is life if we don’t have those and explore them.  We will explore tools and skills that can help us have the life that God wants for us.

There is a comment field below.  I would love to hear your 5 C’s.   


  1. Sherry Jones

    I love your video and testimony about what inspired this blog. Your passion really shines through. Thank you for being transparent. I’m excited to find out more about you and the information you have to share with us.

    My 5 C’s
    Character – I have to cheat and have two characters and they would be my parents. They are both deceased and either meet my son. My mother passed before I got married and I was pregnant when my father passed. I would introduce my son to them and show the life my husband and I have built. I believe they would be proud.
    Color – My favorite color is purple. It is the color of royalty and is so beautiful. I feel rather queenly when I wear it.
    Cuisine – I love Italian as well. My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. I have to be careful with my food choices because of health concerns so I’m trying to be more cautious nowadays.
    Car – A car that’s paid off is awesome! Mine is paid off and I don’t plan on getting a new one any time soon.
    Closet Dream – My closet dream is to be a published author. I’ve been working towards this goal forever, but I plan to accomplish it this year.

    Thank you for sharing this exercise. I look forward to more posts. God bless!

    • Nichole Gause

      Thanks so much for sharing! It’s a pleasure to learn more about you. I’m sure that your parents would be proud and delighted about your family. I’m excited about your closet dream! This is the year! Please keep us posted on your progress, so that we can share in the blessing!

  2. Hi,
    Love the purpose and messages on this blog. I’m thinking about blogging myself about financial literacy, want to break the bondage of debt that so many folks find themselves in, even the saints. Love your intro video, hope I’m brave enough to do one.
    Here are my 5 C’s:
    Character –My grandmother on my father’s side. I wasn’t able to have a baby naturally and she passed before I adopted by two sons. She was the glue that held the family together and unfortunately it just hasn’t been the same since she left us.
    Color – My favorite color is pink. Love the softness of it but it’s also bold and always get’s me noticed.
    Cuisine – I love sweets. Dessert is my favorite course. Not the best thing for my health, so I’ve learned the value of smaller portions.
    Car – My car is paid off and I only buy used but I will drive a 7 series BMW before I retire, even if just for a couple of years on lease. Work hard but also play hard!
    Closet Dream – My closet dream is to be wealthy. It’s important to me to gain this wealth by helping others. Wealth would allow me to make an even bigger impact when helping the less fortunate. I want to leave a legacy of helping others and an inheritance for generations to come.

    • Nichole Gause

      Hi Angela! Thank you so much for reading. I love the idea of your blog. You should and need to do it! It has the potential to help so many people. In regards to the 5 c’s, I know how it is to miss a grandmother. They are often the glue of the family. You have an awesome closet dream! Girl, come out the closet. Let me be your first student! Thanks again for reading.

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