7 Songs To Help You To Get Your Praise On!

Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
Psalms 106:1

I confess that I probably watch too much of the news. It can be distressing to hear about drug epidemics, murders, crimes, attacks, wars and rumors of wars. In times like these, we need prayer and worship. There is nothing like a good moment of praise, singing and blessing the name of God to help you feel better. I am “old-school” Christian so when I am having a hard time, I pray and praise. Music can help you enter into the presence of the Lord. The next time you feel a little stressed try getting your praise on with one of the following songs:

Please click the images to enjoy the songs.


You can’t beat this song for worship. It is not only a beautiful song but you can’t help but to go into worship when you meditate on the lyrics.








Anyhow Praise by Barbara Mitchell.   I love this song because I believe in the “Anyhow Praise”. That’s the praise you give even when things are bad, but you still know that God is good and will show up.







Next up is More than Anything by Lamar Campbell. I don’t know if I have ever…ever sung this song without crying. When we sing it at church, I’m probably one of the first people standing up.








Thomas Whitfield’s Nothing But the Blood is an old-school favorite. You can see Sister Wooten feeling the Spirit as she sings (however some of the audience was not there to play along). This song makes me feel glad down in my soul for the gift of salvation.






Something About the Name Jesus by The Rance Allen Group feat. Kirk Franklin. This song will make you feel Jesus! Rance Allen sings this song like he is auditioning for heaven. I dare you to hear this song and not join in.








I love, love Tamala Mann. She sings a pretty song, but she leads a powerful worship. This song makes me feel grateful. I also love the other version of this song by Kirk Franklin.







Beverly Crawford – For Who You Are is song reminds me that we worship God not only for blessings, but because He is the God of the Universe.






I hope that you enjoyed the songs.  Please share your favorite praise song in the comment area.





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