How to Write a SOAP Note to Know God Better

This is my first post about SOAP notes. I’m excited to share SOAP notes because it is a great way to spend time with God’s word.

At first, I was not excited about SOAP notes because as a social worker SOAP notes are actually a way to make notes about your clients.

So, it brought up flashbacks about note-taking.

However, this is something totally different. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

To begin, you select a scripture. Secondly, you write everything that jumps out to you about this scripture.I like words, so I look up the meaning of words that stick out to me.

The application part is where you reflect on how it applies to your life and what you think God is trying to say to you.

Lastly, you say or write a prayer.

So, here goes:

I. Scripture

Galatians 6:9 (New International Version (NIV)
9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

II. Observation

weary – having one’s patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted —used with of – soon grew weary of waiting
reap – gathering of harvest
Harvest – an accumulated store or productive result

When reading the whole chapter, it speaks to helping our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The letter encourages the Galatians to continue to help even when someone is wrong or just making mistakes.

The fact that they had to be encouraged to keep helping people show that it was an issue even back then.

In the field of social work, there is a term called compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue sets in when you have worked with several people or went through a lot with someone and you find yourself feeling worn out, jaded, and shut down.

In short, you find it hard to care. The scripture encourages you to hang in there, “not be weary” in well doing because God is faithful to bless.

III. Application

In 2016, I became interested in blogging because I wanted to design a website for my counseling business and I was told that it was important to have a blog on the site.

One day, the thought crossed my mind that I could share my writing on a blog.

It started as a spark of an idea, but then it was like I was lit with the ideas.  Devotions, Bible studies,  and poems were  stuffed in notebooks and saved on computers. I could publish them on a blog!

I decided to fleece the Lord. So, I prayed and I asked the Lord that if it was His purpose for me to write a blog, then to please let me look through my journals and notes and find 30 pieces that can be blog posts. Carefully, I went through the journals, looking for the posts. I only found like 27 posts. In speaking with a friend, I said “Well, that’s that, I looked and didn’t find the posts.

“You are close enough to 30,” she said.

“Nope, I asked the Lord for 30.”

She encouraged me to look again. So, I went through my bookcase and found a journal that I had totally forgot. This journal was full of Bible notes, devotions, and thoughts. So, I was way over to 30. I took it as sign and started this blog in 2017.

Here’s the “weary in doing good part” – it has been slow going. I’m not even gonna lie it is hard to get people to read a blog. It’s like being a guppy in the ocean.

I decided that I’m going to take the scripture to heart and keep writing. I like to imagine that one day, someone will come across a blog or post that I wrote, and it will just the thing that they needed to read. It will be the thing that helps them run a little further in the race.

IV. Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for mercy and kindness. Thank you for the gift of Your Word. Help me apply this word to my heart.  Strengthened  me to stay encouraged in helping people. Help me be faithful to the work that you have for me to do. I glorify your name and I thank you for all your blessings.



Now, it is your turn.  I would love to hear about your SOAP experience or other note taking options.

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Nichole is a wife, mother, and a child of God. She wants this site to be a place to explore, discuss and share about all types of abundance.


  1. Love the SOAP note designation. What a great way to read scripture.
    I do have one request from you. Could you please use a larger font? I’m an old lady and it’s very hard to read the fine print here. Just a request if possible.
    Love, Hugs, and Prayers,

    • Nichole Gause

      So glad that you like the SOAP Notes. I’m thinking of challenging myself to do a draft every day for 7 days. Thanks so much for the feedback. I will look into changing the font size. I need things to be larger myself at times. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog.

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