What Have You Done For Your Marriage?

It is easy to follow into the trap of talking to your spouse like a business partner.

After all, managing a family is a little like running a business.

However, when you said I do and began that beautiful journey together.

You probably had lots of thoughts about romance and days filled with love.

In reality, the business of running a home, raising kids, and work can lead to your sweet whispers turning into business minutes.

Does this sound familiar?

You are preparing breakfast for the kids.  One kid is frowning at his oatmeal, and one is watching spilled juice flow everywhere, and one hasn’t even gotten out of the bed yet.

When your spouse comes downstairs, you are on auto-pilot giving directions, wiping, stirring, and thinking through the day.

“Morning, are you going to be able to get Nia from swim?” You ask.

“I don’t think so, I have a client.”

“What about taking Aaron to the doctor?

“That’s already blocked.  Did you get the van inspected? He asks.

Remember, when the conversations went a little more like:

“How did you sleep?”

“Fine.  You?”

“Good.  What’s your big plan today?  Can you get away for lunch? “

Somehow, many of us, get trapped in the business of running our homes and we forget to nurture that connection with our spouse.

Then one day, we realize that we feel alone in the effort and wonder what happened to our partner.

Any day, every day is a good day to slow down and connect with our spouses.  To tune into the person that we promised to build a life with in front of everybody that we know.

The very act of placing out intent on something makes it better.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time nor effort to stay connected to our partners.

The following tips are things that we can do today to strengthen our connection:


I know, I know that you have heard it before.  However, communication really is the cornerstone of a good relationship.  When I work with couples, the first thing we work on is communication. It always leads to improved satisfaction in the relationship.   However, couples who have been married for a while tend to fall into some ruts.  One of them is that they are always talking about the same things – the kids, the bills, etc.   Think back to when you were dating.  I bet you spent more time talking about your dreams, wishes, feelings, thoughts, what you saw on TV.    When was the last time you checked on your spouse’s dream?  Challenge yourself to set aside at least 10 minutes every day to check in with your spouse.  During this time, try to focus on your spouse without your cell phone and TVs.


When was the last time you flirted?  Here is the thing about flirting – it can make your man feel attractive and appreciated.  It can be downright fun for you.   So, send a naughty text or make suggestive comments, and see where it leads.

Something special

The saying, “do until others as you would have them do unto you”, should also be applied to spouses.  If you find yourself thinking that you wish your spouse would surprise you with a night out or a getaway, plan it for them instead.  Doing something special for your spouse may help them feel appreciated and connected to you.

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